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The CBA Agenda

Chairman: Anthony Cross QC
Lincoln House Chambers, Manchester, M3 3BZ
T: 0161 832 5701
M: 07860 692693
E: [email protected]

Friday 17 April 2015


CBA Agenda
It is time for action. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Executive it was determined that we should set the following course:

First, we urge each of you to lobby your prospective parliamentary candidates.  A summary of the respective parties’ positions can be found in the Legal Aid Handbook HERE.  You will find HERE an example of a letter, which you should send to the candidates.  Please send by post and by email.  If you do not receive a response within 7 days, pester them for a response.  Encourage family and friends to correspond on this issue.  Please collate the responses and forward them to Aaron ([email protected]).   

Second, please try and support the rally for justice in London next week on the 23rd.  It is essential that ‘Access to Justice’ is raised upon the election agenda, Sir Alan Moses has agreed to speak in this regard.  Either Mark Fenhalls or I will also speak.  A full turnout for this event is essential.  The CBA fully supports this rally and we would hope to see as many of our members there as possible.  The details are HERE.

Third, on the 27th we shall be reading a proclamation at each Crown Court. Ensure that this date is entered into your diary.

Fourthly, over the course of the next few days the officers will be formulating a series of questions for each of you to consider as to what steps should be taken should certain circumstances prevail under the next government.

Finally, please ensure that you liaise with your CBA delegate.  Now is the time for us to be organised should we need to take direct action soon into the next parliament.

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