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Deputy Judge Advocate General Pre-Application Seminar 2024

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) will be launching a selection exercise on 30 April 2024 to recruit two Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate Generals.

The seminar

For those interested in applying for the role, the Judicial Office is organising a pre-application seminar that will take place online via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 17th April (17.00 – 18.00).

The seminar aims to help applicants be better prepared to make an application and to receive up-to-date guidance and advice on the JAC’s selection process. As well as a JAC representative, you will also hear from the Judge Advocate General, Judge Alan Large and an Assistant Judge Advocate General, Judge Andrew Smith to explain the role.

Applications open on 30th April at 13.00, more details about the role can be found on our website, candidates can also sign up for email alerts.

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