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Weekly Round Up 12.11.12

 CBA Chairman’s Update: Michael Turner QC, Monday 12 November 2012


The Headlines


  • Report back from the Annual Bar Conference
  • Grayling doesn’t like the truth
  • An insight into Government Policy that never was
  • We continue to get the message across in the Press
  • Referral fees by any other name
  • CBA Elections
  • Paying subscriptions direct via chambers
  • Forthcoming Events



  1. 1.      The Annual Bar Conference


The Conference was opened by Mike Todd QC with a key note speech from Lady Justice Rafferty. Both were excellent and Mike Todd’s speech can be found on the Bar Council web site. The CBA session was well attended and hard hitting. Roger Smith (until recently Chair of Justice and Clive Stafford-Smith (Reprieve) gave an excellent insight into the hidden agenda behind the Justice and Security Bill. I together will Sir Anthony Hooper (now an Honorary member of the CBA) concentrated very much on the fight in hand. Both addresses were met with great approval and much interest from the attendant press. To read the speech by your Chair click here. To read Sir Antony Hooper’s speech click here.


  1. 2.      Grayling doesn’t like the truth


The message was passed back to me this week that Grayling had read my article in the Mirror and did not like it one bit. Get back in the box was the message. The truth is hard medicine for the politician to swallow. I have no intention of getting back into the box unless those I have been elected to represent tell me to do so.


  1. 3.      An insight into Government Policy that never was


This week I was contacted by Stanley Brodie QC. Another of those bright and ever so supportive Blackstone barristers. He had been asked to write Government policy for the last election in respect of legal aid. With an eye on what was right for the public he duly did so and it was initially adopted. When you read it you with see why, it fitted in perfectly with Cameron’s vision of a Big Society. Sadly it has now been abandoned in favour of the new vision “A muted society”. Read it here.


  1. 4.      We continue to get the message across in the Press


The Daily Mail went into bat for the CBA this Saturday. Read it here. It is worth getting this article up in the archive section of the Daily Mail and going to comments. If you do you will see that we have some way to go in convincing the good citizens of middle England that it is their rights that are about to be stolen from them.


  1. 5.      Referral fees by any other name


One good Chambers drew to my attention a proposed arrangement whereby the Chambers were to agree, that when instructed in the Crown Court wherever possible the preliminary hearings including the PCMH would be conducted by in house advocates. The in house advocate would get paid out of the instructed advocates fee £60 per hearing. We were asked for our advice. Although on a strict reading this may not to appear to infringe the letter of Rule 307(d) and (e) it certainly infringes the spirit of it. Additionally however we take the view it infringes the following Rules of Conduct in any event, Rule 301 (i), (ii), (iii) and 303 (b). Please bring to our attention any more examples of this insidious practice. To view the code of Conduct provisions click here.


  1. 6.      CBA Elections


The CBA elections are still on-going please have your say by voting through the CBA website.


  1. 7.      Paying subscriptions direct via chambers


The collection of subscriptions in one single payment from Chambers on behalf of all members could not be simpler we will be sending round pro formas to complete this week. In essence all any Chambers will have to do is provide the following information:


Initials, Name, Date Of Call, Email, Mobile, Work Phone and SUB


For reference:


Silks                                                                                       £125


Over 7 Years Call                                                                 £50


Under 7 Years Call                                                               £25


Once submitted payment of all subscriptions can be made by a single BACS payment. Please help us to help you.


  1. 8.      Forthcoming Events

Old Bailey Lecture:

Research on Juries

Tuesday 4th December 2012

The Old Bailey

To secure your place please reply to this email.

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