Most Recent Update from the CBA

Bar Council Updates

COVID-19 – CBA Questionnaire – Safety

CBA Statement – Health and Safety in Court – 11.05.20

COVID-19 – CBA Impact SURVEY 2020

CLA Review Update – Accelerated Asks – 27.03.20

CBA Statement – CPS Cases – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Magistrates’ Court – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Prime Minister’s ‘Address to the Nation’ – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Courts – 23.03.20 (2)

CBA Statement – Court Closures – 23.03.20 (1)

CBA Statement  – Key Workers – 20.03.20

CBA Statement – Practical Implications – 18.03.20

CBA Statement – Jury Trials – 17.03.20


HMCTS – Safety:

Going to Court – Masks

Cleanliness in Courts

Safety / Risk Assessment Document

Safety / Assessment Tool

Jury Trials



COVID-19 Courts and Tribunals Planning and Preparation

COVID-19 Video Remand Hearing Instructions for Defence Advocates Baselined

HMCTS New Publications: Cloud Video Platform

Rolling Guidance

How to join telephone and video hearings

Custody Time Limit Cases – Revised Protocol – 07.04.20

Custody Time Limit Cases – Process and Application – Updated Letter / Application – 30.03.20

HMCTS Daily Operational Summary

HMCTS Courts and Tribunals Tracker Page and List – check before you travel

HMCTS Keeping Court and Tribunal Buildings Safe, Secure and Clean


HMPPS (Prison & Probation Service):

Electronic Monitoring Update:  Covid-19


LAA Working Updates:

Video Remand Hearings

The LAA Expanded Some of the Guidance around using Electronic Signatures

The LAA Indicated they would be Flexible where Providers are not able to Submit a Claim for Controlled Work within the Specified Time Frames





Message from the Chair of the Jury Trials Working Group on resumption of jury trials – 22.05.20

Judicial  Guidance on the use of PDF’s

Interim Guidance on Listing as Trials Resume – 15.05.20

Lord Chief Justice issues 10th amendment to the Criminal Practice Directions (2015)

Rules and Practice Directions

Statement by the Lord Chief Justice – Return to Jury Trials – 11.05.20

Statement by the Lord Chancellor – Return to Jury Trials – 11.05.20

Jury Trials Update – 01.05.20

Listing Cases in Magistrates’ Courts

An Analysis of the Legislative Changes Effected by the Coronavirus Act 2020 – Crown Courts 

Prioritising Custody Cases – Message to the Presiding and Resident Judges

Statement from the Vice President, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) – 23.03.20

Statement by the Lord Chief Justice – Jury Trials Paused – 23.03.20

Statement from the Vice President, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) – 18.03.20



CBA Guidance for Pupils and Pupil Supervisors



The Bar Standards Board – CPD and NPP 

Statement by the Bar Standards Board – 27.03.20

Statement by the Bar Standards Board

ICCA – Guidance & Principles for Remote Advocacy


Health & Wellbeing:

Wellbeing at the Bar

Working from Home

SOS Silence of Suicide


Midland Circuit Assistance:

Midland Circuit Tech – Explanatory Note

Microsoft Team User Guide

Remote Hearings Contact Detail Template

Remote Hearings in Crown Courts

Skype for Business User Guide


North East Circuit Assistance:

Suspended Courts – 27.03.20

Skype for Business User Guide


South East Circuit Assistance:

Skype for Business and Microsoft Team User Guide