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COVID-19 – Archived Material


Full list of local COVID alert levels by area – 14.10.20

Most Recent Update from the CBA

Bar Council Updates

LAA COVID-19 Contingency Update: June 2021 – 17.06.21

Bar Council Guidance – Returning to Chambers – 27.05.21

Changes to booking official video consultations in HMPs Elmley & Lewes – 19.04.21

Changes to the Crown Prosecution Service Case Management System – Material can now be disclosed on the DCS – 26.02.21

Government’s Roadmap for Easing Restrictions – 23.02.21

Presentation of Cases before the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) (“CACD”) – 18.01.21

Message from the Lord Chief Justice: latest COVID-19 restrictions – 05.01.21

Custody Time Limits, including coronavirus protocol – 17.11.20

Snaresbrook Section 28 Protocol – updated 16.11.20

The Crown Court Digital Case System (DCS) will introduce new functionality that permits the CPS, and in the future other prosecutors, to upload Unused Disclosed Material to two new sections within DCS – 10.11.20

London Magistrates’ Courts – Bucket List Issues this Week – 24.07.20

Face Coverings in Court and Tribunal Buildings – 23.07.20

COVID-19 – CBA Jury Survey 2020

SPJ DSPJ Clarification of the use of live link in Magistrates Courts – 25.06.20

Professional Update from the Bar Standards Board – 24.06.20

First Jury Trial – Report on Reading Crown Court – 01.06.20

COVID-19 – CBA Questionnaire – Safety

CBA Statement – Health and Safety in Court – 11.05.20

COVID-19 – CBA Impact SURVEY 2020

CLA Review Update – Accelerated Asks – 27.03.20

CBA Statement – CPS Cases – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Magistrates’ Court – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Prime Minister’s ‘Address to the Nation’ – 24.03.20

CBA Statement – Courts – 23.03.20 (2)

CBA Statement – Court Closures – 23.03.20 (1)

CBA Statement  – Key Workers – 20.03.20

CBA Statement – Practical Implications – 18.03.20

CBA Statement – Jury Trials – 17.03.20



Crown Courts resuming jury trials – 14.08.20

Manchester Crown Court to remain closed Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th August – 14.08.20

HMCTS Guidance Note – Operating Hours – 30.07.20

HMCTS Common Platform update – 24.07.20

Court Centres Opening W/C 6th July – 02.07.20

Court Centres Opening W/C 13th July – 02.07.20

Court and Tribunal Recovery update in Response to Coronavirus – 01.07.20

Reopening of more Court and Tribunal Buildings – 10.06.20

Protocol for Sharing Court lists in Criminal Proceedings with Professional Court Users – 10.06.20

Reopening Courts – HMCTS Press Notice – 08.06.20

New software to support the Scheduling and Listing Process in Courts and Tribunals

Crown Court – Cloud Video Platform Roll-out

Prison Contacts – Cloud Video Platform

COVID-19 Courts and Tribunals Planning and Preparation

COVID-19 Video Remand Hearing Instructions for Defence Advocates Baselined

HMCTS New Publications: Cloud Video Platform

Rolling Guidance

How to join telephone and video hearings

Custody Time Limit Cases – Revised Protocol – 07.04.20

Custody Time Limit Cases – Process and Application – Updated Letter / Application – 30.03.20

HMCTS Daily Operational Summary

HMCTS Courts and Tribunals Tracker Page and List – check before you travel

HMCTS Keeping Court and Tribunal Buildings Safe, Secure and Clean

Message from Acting CEO, HMCTS on the Prime Minister’s announcement (12th July) – 15.07.21

HMCTS Update: Court measures from 19th July – 15.07.21

HMCTS Statement – Step 4 out of National Restrictions – 06.07.21

Covid19 – Headset Devices in Court – 31.03.21

Fluid Resistant Surgical Masks in custody suites – 19.03.21

Coronavirus (COVID-19): courts and tribunals planning and preparation – 26.02.21

Nightingale Courts and Super Courtroom – 17.02.21

Court and Tribunal Finder Service – 17.02.21

Lateral Flow Testing – Southwark Crown Court – 12.02.21 and Press Release 17.02.21

Pre-Sentence Report – Before Plea Revised Protocol – 11.02.21

Pre-Sentence Report – Magistrate Court Mailboxes – 11.02.21

Asymptomatic testing sites available for key workers – 04.02.21

HMCTS – Safety:

HMCTS Arrangements to keep Buildings Safe, Secure and Clean

Going to Court – Masks

Cleanliness in Courts

Safety / Risk Assessment Document

Safety / Assessment Tool

Jury Trials

HMCTS weekly operational summary on courts and tribunals – 25.05.21

HMCTS Safety Message – April 2021

Update on asymptomatic testing at courts and tribunals – 14.04.21

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for people visiting our courts and tribunals – 31.03.21

CBA Safety Group Update – 30.03.21

HMCTS Warn and Inform Process Map – 24.03.21

CBA Covid Checklist – Safety Document – 04.02.21

CBA Covid Safety Refresher Document – 02.02.21

CBA Covid Safety Refresher Document – 02.02.21

CBA Suggested Reading on Covid-19 Safety – 02.02.21


HMPPS (Prison & Probation Service):

Electronic Monitoring Update:  Covid-19


LAA Working Updates:

Video Remand Hearings

The LAA Expanded Some of the Guidance around using Electronic Signatures

The LAA Indicated they would be Flexible where Providers are not able to Submit a Claim for Controlled Work within the Specified Time Frames




Remote Hearings:

Snaresbrook Crown Court Protocol – 21.07.20



Note from the Judicial Lead for Youth Justice for England & Wales – 30.07.20

Live Link or in-person Attendance Document – Magistrate Courts – 16.07.20

Statement from the Lord Chief Justice – Courts and Tribunals Recovery – 01.07.20

Message from the Chair of the Jury Trials Working Group on resumption of jury trials – 22.05.20

Judicial  Guidance on the use of PDF’s

Interim Guidance on Listing as Trials Resume – 15.05.20

Lord Chief Justice issues 10th amendment to the Criminal Practice Directions (2015)

Rules and Practice Directions

Statement by the Lord Chief Justice – Return to Jury Trials – 11.05.20

Statement by the Lord Chancellor – Return to Jury Trials – 11.05.20

Jury Trials Update – 01.05.20

Listing Cases in Magistrates’ Courts

An Analysis of the Legislative Changes Effected by the Coronavirus Act 2020 – Crown Courts 

Prioritising Custody Cases – Message to the Presiding and Resident Judges

Statement from the Vice President, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) – 23.03.20

Statement by the Lord Chief Justice – Jury Trials Paused – 23.03.20

Statement from the Vice President, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) – 18.03.20



CBA Guidance for Pupils and Pupil Supervisors



Professional Update from the Bar Standards Board – 24.06.20

The Bar Standards Board – CPD and NPP 

Statement by the Bar Standards Board – 27.03.20

Statement by the Bar Standards Board

ICCA – Guidance & Principles for Remote Advocacy

Covid-19 and Prisons | Resources


Health & Wellbeing:

Wellbeing at the Bar

Working from Home

SOS Silence of Suicide


Midland Circuit Assistance:

Midland Circuit Tech – Explanatory Note

Microsoft Team User Guide

Remote Hearings Contact Detail Template

Remote Hearings in Crown Courts

Skype for Business User Guide


North East Circuit Assistance:

Suspended Courts – 27.03.20

Skype for Business User Guide


South East Circuit Assistance:

Skype for Business and Microsoft Team User Guide