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The CBA is committed to Career Progression for its membership. Here you can find any recent vacancies brought to our attention which we believe would assist this initiative.

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Senior Circuit Judge, Resident Judge

Senior Circuit Judge, Resident Judge. Teesside (including Durham Crown Court), Woolwich and Wood Green.

District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts)

We have been asked to identify candidates for the post of District Judge of the Magistrates’ Court. This is an excellent opportunity to apply for a salaried role, with 30 vacancies anticipated

Judicial Reverse Mentoring 2024

The Judicial Reverse Mentoring scheme was developed with the central purpose to foster greater understanding among the judiciary of the […]

Deputy Judge Advocate General Pre-Application Seminar 2024

No previous judicial experience is required for this great role. It would be really helpful if you could share this info with your members.