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The CBA Officers are pleased to announce that from Monday, 22nd August, a dedicated CBA Hardship Fund will be available to all CBA members.

The fund will be administered in collaboration with our colleagues at the Bar Council and is designed to support those who are suffering financial hardship from a loss of work due to their participation in the action.

Donations to the Fund 

If you would like to donate to the fund please use the link and circulate it to your contacts, to encourage them to do the same and using reference: SUPPORT2022. You can access a draft letter to assist you to generate donations.

The CBA Officers would also like to extend our thanks, in particular, to Chloe Ashley, Faisel Sadiq and Mark Watson, for their considerable efforts in order to establish the fund, and to our partners at the Bar Council, Adrian Vincent and Phil Robertson.

Please do not wait to apply until you are in significant difficulties.  We encourage you to enquire now about the fund and, in particular, to encourage your junior colleagues to do the same.