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Weeks of Action Summer Training Programme

August 2022 

  •  All sessions will be by zoom and are open to CBA members only.
  • To register for a place please email [email protected], you will not receive a confirmation email but please be assured, your request will be noted and the access link circulated to you on the day of training you wish to be booked onto.  If you wish to attend all, state that in your reply.  
  •  If you are attending the trauma sessions and would prefer not to put your camera on, or display your name on the screen, please simply indicate this when you book your place and your preference can be accommodated. (Registration lists will not be circulated for this reason). 


Wednesday 3rd August

10am – 11.30am

“Saying no to vicarious trauma:  how can we empower the next generation?”

  • Chair – Jo Sidhu QC, CBA Chair
  • Introductory Remarks – Lucie Wibberley, CBA Secretary
  • Speaker – Professor Jo Delahunty QC

What accommodation do our working practices make for barristers who suffer from a history of trauma, specifically sexual, violent or domestic trauma?

Is our Code of Conduct trauma aware?

How can barristers be supported to limit their exposure to cases that trigger a trauma reaction?

Are we discriminating by failing to have working practices that are trauma aware?

This session will be a safe space. There will be no expectation for any participant to share or volunteer their personal history. If you prefer to attend with your camera off, or without displaying your name, please indicate this at the time you book your place and your preference will be accommodated.

As an introduction to the topic, you may wish to watch one of the groundbreaking Gresham College lectures of Professor Delahunty QC, which you can access here.

Thursday 4th August 

10am – 11.30am

“Hardship during the action:  accessing financial support”


  • Laurie-Anne Power QC, CBA Treasurer 
  • Mark Watson, CBA Assistant Secretary
  • Chloe Ashley 

Worrying about the financial impact of taking action?

Unsure how to access hardship funds?

Not sure if you qualify for financial help?

This will be a practical session reviewing all of the funds available, talking you through the application process and discussing how to maximise the financial assistance available.

Further details will follow.

Wednesday 17th August 

10am -11.30am

“How to manage casework which impacts on your personal experiences: lessons from Australia”

  • Chair – Jo Sidhu QC, CBA Chair
  • Introductory Remarks – Lucie Wibberley, CBA Secretary
  • Speaker – Robyn Brady

What is vicarious trauma?  Are you experiencing it? How is it impacting you? How are lawyers in Australia navigating a trauma aware practice?

Robyn Bradey (B. Soc.Stud. SYD.) is a mental health accredited Social Worker who has also worked as a counsellor, specialising in loss, grief, trauma, work related stress and injury.

Since 2008, she has specialised in training, consulting and supporting the legal profession in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She is currently working as a consultant and trainer for the Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit and FL Court, the UK Bar and Inns of Court, NZ Te Kura Kaiwhakawa Institute of Judicial Studies, NZ Privacy Commission, NZ Ombudsman, NZ Law Society, NSW Community Legal Services, The Bar Association of NSW, the Law Society of NSW, the NSW and Commonwealth DPP, NSW and Commonwealth Ombudsman, Knowmore and the Australian Red Cross.

This session will be a safe space. There will be no expectation for any participant to share or volunteer their personal history. If you prefer to attend with your camera off, or without displaying your name, please indicate this at the time you book your place and your preference will be accommodated

Wednesday 17th August 

2pm – 3.30pm  

‘Building Back Stronger’

  • Chair – Nneka Akudolu QC


  • Ravinder Saimbhi
  • Emma Nash

Has the action left gaps in your diary?

Is this your first experience of a disrupted practice?

Are you frightened by the financial impact?

Do you feel isolated being away from court?

Are you worried about what the future holds?

Hear from members of the Bar who have previous experience of taking career breaks about: how use the experience positively, how to return successfully to full-time practice and how a break can be an opportunity, to reset your practice and build back stronger.

Thursday 18th August

10.00am – 11.30am

“Is your job injuring your health? Heart, mind and burnout at the Criminal Bar”

  • ChairLucie Wibberley, CBA Secretary 


  • Gerwyn Wise, Director of Wellbeing (CBA) – health issues at the Criminal Bar 
  • Dr Sandeep Hothi, Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (speciality, multimodality cardiac imaging) – heart problems, the early warning signs
  • Dr Penny Law – Burnout – is it real, what does it feel like, when is it all too much? 

Speaker TBC – Anxiety and depression, spotting the warning signs in yourself, or a colleague

This is a practical session about the way in which your work can injure your health.

What do you need to be aware of?

What are the warning signs of some of the common conditions impacting the health of the profession?

Are our working conditions injuring our health and life expectancy?

Thursday 18th August 

12 noon -1.30pm 

“Disability and becoming and remaining a barrister”

  •  Chair – Kirsty Brimelow QC, CBA Vice Chair 


  • Faisel Sadiq
  • Haleemah Sadia 
  • Mark Henderson

Does the Bar promote access for those with disability?

What is the reality for affected barristers and law students seeking to enter the profession?

Is practice at the Bar open to those with disabilities on an equal basis with others?

This session will discuss challenges, provide information, and address ideas to better develop and support a Bar inclusive of those with disabilities.


Thursday 18th August 

2pm  3.30pm                        

“Diversity Masterclass: The future of the Criminal Bar”

  • Chair – Melanie Simpson QC


  • LaurieAnne Power QC, CBA Treasurer – Diversity in Silk Appointments 
  • Anesta Weekes QC – Diversity in Treasury Counsel Appointments 
  • Dexter Dias QC – Diversity in Judicial Appointments
  • Closing Remarks – Jo Sidhu QC, CBA Chair

Are you thinking about making a Silk, Judicial, or Treasury Counsel application?

How can we support our colleagues who have such aspirations?

Are you a Head of Chambers, or Head of a Crime Team and want to show leadership on diversity issues by sharing what you learn at this session with your members?

Hear from leaders of the profession about what is being done, and what needs to be done, to maximise the current and future diversity of the Criminal Bar.

If you are a junior tenant, just starting out, not yet ready to make any applications, but want to be inspired and have the opportunity to put questions to leaders of the Criminal Bar about how to progress your practice, this session is also for you.

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